9 How to stop ads on Facebook effectively 2024?

Your Facebook advertising campaign is not performing effectively, with high costs. Or you may be bothered by unrelated ads. At this point, you need to know how to stop ads on Facebook to save advertising budgets as well as to have a great experience browsing the Facebook Newsfeed for new updates. Follow this article to learn more knowledge regarding this issue.

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When should you stop ads on Facebook?

When should you stop ads on Facebook?

Stopping Facebook ads will have certain impacts on your business. Therefore, you need to consider turning off or pausing Facebook ads campaigns at the appropriate time:

If the ads are not effective, such as limited reach or interaction rates, high interaction costs for the advertising group,…, then turning off or pausing Facebook Ads campaigns to avoid wasting budget is necessary.

After that, you need to identify the reasons why the ads are not effective to rectify them, such as optimizing the content, images, or video ads, studying the target audience and targeting accurately,…

Furthermore, to edit the ad content as required, you need to turn off the distribution activity of the advertising group or only the ads that need editing.

Facebook users should turn off irrelevant ads or those inappropriate content, especially those that may cause misunderstanding, pose potential fraud risks, or contain malware and virus software capable of intruding and stealing data.

Because if users turn off all ads on Facebook, it will affect business activities. Therefore, Facebook users should only turn off annoying ads or harmful ads.

Notes before stopping ads on Facebook

Before applying ways to stop ads on Facebook, you need to consider the following issues:

Turning off campaigns, advertising groups, or ads only turns off the active status, not deleting those campaigns, advertising groups, or ads.

If you turn off or pause a campaign, it will turn off or pause all advertising groups and ads in that campaign.

If you cannot turn back on ads that have been turned off or paused, try resetting the spending for the account or updating the payment information.

When you are running ads on Facebook and turn off or pause campaigns, advertising groups, or ads. At the time the ads are stopped, the ads will no longer be displayed, nor will they receive interactions or messages. This also means that the ads will not spend money, and you will not lose money.

However, before you stop advertising, the ads will still reach, receive interactions, messages,… At this time, Facebook will charge for these impressions and interactions.

How to stop ads on Facebook?

How to turn off Facebook ads for advertisers?

To turn off Facebook ads, advertisers can follow these steps. First, access Ads Manager and then select the campaign, ad group, or ad you want to turn off/stop. Then, click on the toggle button next to the campaign, ad group, or ad you want to stop. If this status button turns gray, it means the ad has been turned off.

Below are methods to stop ads on Facebook at different levels:

Stopping ads at the campaign level

When you stop a Facebook Ads campaign, it means you are stopping all ad groups and ads within that campaign. To do this, access Facebook Ads Manager, then scroll down to see the list of active campaigns. Then, slide the button to the left, and the status button will turn gray, and the campaign will be stopped. If you want to restart, just slide the button to the right.

Stopping ad groups on Facebook

This usually happens when you conduct A/B testing Facebook ads, where you target ads to 2 audience groups. Through monitoring and measurement, if you find group A performing better and now want to stop showing ads to group B.

In this case, access Facebook Ads Manager, click on the Ad Sets tab, then scroll down and find the ad group you want to turn off. Then slide the status button next to the ad group you want to turn off from right to left to stop advertising on Facebook. When you want to restart that ad group, just slide the button to the right.

Stopping Facebook ads at the post level

The post is the smallest level of Facebook advertising, and if you want to stop or edit ineffective posts, do the following:

If you are using Facebook Business, after logging in, select the account you want to turn off ads for. Then click on the account ID, and you will be redirected to the Facebook Ads Manager page.

On the main interface of the page, select the ad level and slide the corresponding button for the post you want to stop advertising on Facebook to the left. If you want to run that ad again, slide the button to the right, and the ad will be reviewed and distributed.

How to stop ads on Facebook?

Stopping ads on Facebook for users

As a Facebook user, if you want to stop seeing all annoying or irrelevant ads that affect your viewing experience, here are some quick ways to turn off/stop ads on Facebook:

Use ad blockers

Ad blockers help you eliminate intrusive ads while browsing the Internet. When you access a website, the ad blocker will check everything on the blacklist and flag that website as an ad document.

Facebook ad blocking software is also useful in blocking malware or ads containing viruses that you may download to your device. Additionally, you can choose ad-blocking apps for your device or download ad-blocking extensions on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Some of the most popular ad blockers you can consider using include: Total Adblock, NordVPN, Surfshark, uBlock Origin,…

Use ad-blocking browsers

Some web browsers are integrated with ad-blocking features, helping you quickly detect and block ads to improve page loading speed. Fast loading times and blocking third-party trackers will enhance your viewing and reading experience on Facebook. Popular browsers: Brave, Opera, UR Browser,…

Hide ads on Facebook

If you don’t want to bother downloading extensions or ad-blocking browsers, you can hide unwanted ads as follows:

For the ad you want to hide, click on the three dots at the top right and then click Hide ad. If you want to hide all posts from a specific Facebook page or advertiser, you can choose the option to hide all from that particular business.

You can also click on the three dots and select Why am I seeing this ad? Then click on the Hide button next to Hide all ads from this advertiser.

See fewer ads in Settings

Facebook allows you to choose to see fewer ads for specific topics when using this platform. This includes various topics such as alcohol, elections, politics, and social issues. To adjust ad options on Facebook, log in to your Facebook account, then click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Then go to Settings & Privacy and click on Settings. Then select Ads in the left menu and choose the topic you want to see fewer of, then click See fewer.

Turn off personalized ads on Facebook

Facebook may use your data to show you personalized ads based on your interests and past searches. If you don’t want Facebook to use your profile information to make personalized ad suggestions, do the following:

Access Settings on your Facebook Profile and click on Ads, then select Ad settings and choose Ad activity from ad partners. Next, switch the toggle to Not allowed.

Report inappropriate ads

If you want to block ads on Facebook when watching videos that is annoying and inappropriate, you can report it to Facebook as follows:

In the news source, click on the three-dot icon next to the ad you want to report. Then click Report ad and follow the instructions to select the reason for reporting that ad.

So now you know how to stop ads on Facebook to turn off ineffective ads or ads that affect user viewing experiences. With detailed instructions, we hope you can successfully apply them to remove unwanted ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you lose money when temporarily pausing advertising on Facebook?

If you’re in the middle of running an advertising campaign on Facebook and haven’t submitted it for review yet, if you want to pause it at this point, you won’t lose any money. Because the ad hasn’t been submitted for Facebook’s review, the draft can be saved.
In the case where the ad is already active, and you pause the ad, then the ad will no longer be displayed or receive interactions, and you won’t be charged. Facebook only charges fees when there are interactions, reach, and doesn’t add additional costs. If you pause the ad at any time, you only pay based on the reach or interactions achieved.

When should you not stop advertising on Facebook?

During the initial 3-5 days after the ad is approved and active, you shouldn’t stop ads. Because during this period, Facebook is entering a learning phase to determine the most suitable target audience group to distribute the ads to. So keep the ads running until they stabilize, which usually takes 3-5 days.

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