Facebook Ads payment thresholds important 2024

When running Facebook ads, cost is a major concern for advertisers and businesses, particularly regarding Facebook Ads payment thresholds. So, what is a payment threshold? How does it work, and how can you increase or decrease it? Follow this article by Optimal Agency now!

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What is payment threshold?

What is payment threshold?

It is the maximum amount of money an advertiser can spend on ad campaigns before Facebook charges them. Setting a payment threshold helps advertisers easily control their ad expenses and avoid unwanted spending.

When running ads on Facebook, costs accumulate until they reach the payment threshold, at which point Facebook charges for that amount. This threshold determines when ad costs are charged based on the amount spent. It’s considered an effective way to establish a payment history with Facebook.

The timing of ad charges or reaching Facebook Ads payment thresholds depends on the currency and payment method you choose to pay for the ad costs. The frequency of charges also depends on whether you have reached the Facebook Ads billing threshold.

The payment threshold can be understood as Facebook giving users credit to run ads. When the Facebook Ads costs reach the billing threshold, users are required to pay Facebook in full.

How Facebook Ads payment thresholds work?

At the first time of running ads, the payment threshold is automatically set to a small amount. Once you successfully make a payment, the balance resets. The payment threshold can increase as your account reaches the final threshold. Over time, different Facebook Ads payment thresholds with various values are established.

Throughout the monthly billing period, users might reach Facebook payment thresholds multiple times, once, or not at all, depending on the billing threshold and specific ad spending.

This explains why charges occur frequently within a month even when running a single ad. In some cases, Facebook’s system may automatically charge you after purchasing ads or when the ads have stopped running.

The newest Facebook Ads payment thresholds

When your Facebook ad costs reach the payment threshold or at the end of the month, your account will be charged. The ad costs will accumulate and be invoiced. Payment thresholds depend on your country and currency. The common payment thresholds for Facebook ads in VND and USD are:

CountryCurrencyPayment Thresholds
VietnamVND50,000, 70,000, 110,000, 230,000, 340,000, 550,000, 1,100,000, and up to 20,000,000.
The USUSD$25, $50, $250, $500, $750, …

These amounts may vary depending on the type of ad account you are using. Additionally, payment thresholds correspond to the currency you selected for your ad account. Payment thresholds in other countries are similar when converted to VND or USD, with differences due to exchange rates.

In some cases, even after turning off Facebook ads, the system still deducts money. The reason for this is that you are using a postpaid payment method. With this method, Facebook does not immediately deduct money from your account but charges the fees once your account reaches the payment threshold and the billing date arrives.

The newest Facebook Ads payment thresholds

How to check Facebook Ads payment thresholds?

To check your current Facebook Ads payment thresholds, follow these steps:

Method 1: Check Facebook Payment receipts

You can view the payment threshold through Facebook payment receipts in your bank account, Visa/Mastercard. The payment threshold is the amount Facebook directly deducts from your bank card. For example, if the receipt shows a deduction of 75,000 VND, your payment threshold is 75,000 VND.

Method 2: Access the Ads Manager

You can easily check the current Facebook payment threshold in the Ads Manager as follows:

Select the Payment Settings in the Ads Manager. Next, under the Billing section, you will find information about when you will receive an invoice. The amount next to it is the current payment threshold of your ad account.

Method 3: Check detailed payment activity

Besides checking the payment receipts in your bank account, you can view detailed payment activity as follows:

For personal ad accounts: Check at this link: https://adsmanager.facebook.com/ads/manager/billing_history/summary.

For BM Business Manager ad accounts: Check at this link: https://business.facebook.com/ads/manager/billing_history/summary.

Then, select the ad account you want to check. Facebook will display the complete payment history from the first ad run to the present.

How to ask for raising Facebook Ads payment threshold?

Setting Facebook Ads payment thresholds helps control costs and build a good payment history and reputation with Facebook. However, this can be challenging for advertisers with large budgets.

Because ads will be paused when costs reach the payment threshold. To increase the payment threshold, follow these steps:

Go to this link to request a threshold increase: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/649167531904667. Next, choose the account you want to increase the threshold for and propose a new threshold level. Then, provide reasons for the threshold increase, including supporting images or documents, then click the “Submit” button.

After receiving your request, Facebook will review your activity and payment history to ensure your account is trustworthy. They will check if you have made timely and complete payments and if you have violates Facebook policies.

Upon review, Facebook will respond to your request. If additional information is needed, provide it as requested. The new threshold must not be lower than the current one, and you should have consistently made at least 10 successful payments without any failed transactions.

Ensure your Facebook account is active and not restricted or disabled, and use valid payment methods like credit cards, advertising Visa cards, PayPal,…

You need to complete all the additional verification requirements and resubmit the request to increase the payment threshold to Facebook. After receiving your second request, Facebook will then review whether you qualify for a threshold increase. If your account does not owe any advertising fees to Facebook and has not violated Facebook’s policies or regulations, the likelihood of your request being accepted is very high.

How to ask for raising Facebook Ads payment threshold?

Notes when raising payment thresholds

Raising Facebook Ads payment threshold takes time. To achieve a higher threshold, you must establish credibility by making timely payments.

When running ads, Facebook will automatically set the payment threshold to a small amount. If you want to increase to higher Facebook Ads payment thresholds, you need to successfully pay the previous threshold. Sometimes, you must successfully pay at the reached threshold a few times before Facebook will increase it for you.

In some cases, your request to increase the threshold needs to be reviewed and approved. During this review process, Facebook may or may not approve the request. If not approved, you can try to request a billing threshold increase again at a different time or submit an appeal.

So, we have introduced you to the important Facebook Ads payment thresholds. We hope this information will be useful for you in implementing effective ads campaigns and maximizing your sales.

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How can I check my Facebook Ads backup charges?

To see how much you have spent on ads, access the Ads Manager to view your estimated daily spending limits. Under Billing, you will find all final charges, including specific ads and the purpose of each payment.

What if my request to increase the Facebook Ads payment threshold is not approved?

To get approval for a higher payment threshold, build a good activity and payment history, and maintain a positive reputation. Adhere to Facebook’s policies, pay your advertising fees in full and on time, and avoid failed transactions. If Facebook does not approve your request, try resubmitting it later.

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