How to attract customers on Google Ads effectively?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, allowing businesses and individuals to display ads on Google search results pages and partner websites. Through this, Google Ads not only helps reach target customers effectively but also contributes to increasing brand coverage and increasing traffic to online stores. Have you ever wondered how to attract customers on Google Ads? If you don’t, let’s explore the details with Optimal Agency in the article below!

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What do you need to prepare when running ads to attract customers on Google Ads?

Before running ads on Google Ads, shop owners need to prepare some important steps to ensure the advertising process goes smoothly and achieves the highest efficiency. Here are the steps to prepare:

What do you need to prepare when running ads to attract customers on Google Ads?

Design a sales website or build a landing page

Before starting to run ads, designing a professional sales website or building an attractive landing page is extremely important. The website or landing page will be where potential customers are taken after they click on the ad. A well-designed website or landing page, with a friendly interface, fast loading speed, and ease of use will help increase conversion rates, thereby bringing higher revenue to the shop. The content on the page needs to be clear, attractive and provide complete information about the product or service that the shop provides.

Google Ads advertising account

To be able to run ads on Google Ads, shop owners need to create a Google Ads advertising account. Registering an account is quite simple and easy. Visit the Google Ads website, click the “Get started now” button, and follow the instructions to sign up for an account. Once you have an account, the shop owner needs to link this account to your website or landing page to effectively track and manage advertising campaigns.

Set of keywords related to the product

An important factor in running Google Ads is choosing and optimizing the right keyword set. Shop owners need to research and build a list of keywords related to the products or services they provide. These keywords should include both primary and secondary keywords, directly related to the search needs of potential customers. Using keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner can help identify keywords with high search volume and appropriate competition, thereby helping to optimize advertising campaigns.

Visa/Mastercard or Momo wallet

To be able to pay advertising costs on Google Ads, shop owners need to prepare a valid payment method. Google Ads accepts international cards such as Visa or Mastercard, including debit cards and credit cards. If you don’t have a Visa or Mastercard, shop owners can also use Momo e-wallet to pay. Preparing a payment method in advance will help the process of setting up and running ads go smoothly and without interruption due to lack of payment means.
By carefully preparing the above factors, shop owners will have a solid foundation to start running ads on Google Ads. A professional website or landing page, a correctly set up Google Ads account, an optimal keyword set, and a valid payment method will help your advertising campaign be highly effective, increase the number of potential customers, and improve your business sales.

How to attract customers on Google Ads?

Step 1: Set up a Google Ads account to advertise

  • First, shop owners need to access the Google Ads page and click the “Start now” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, select the email address you want to register an account with.
  • Next, log in to the Google Ads website ( and begin the process of creating a new ad campaign by selecting “New campaign”.
  • Choose an advertising goal that suits your shop’s business needs such as increasing the number of calls, increasing visits to the store, or increasing sales through the website.
  • After determining the goal, fill in information about the shop such as the title and description of the ad. When you’re done, you can click “Done and create next ad” to add another ad to the ad group or click “Done” if you’re done.

Step 2: Link payment methods

Google Ads only accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard international cards, including cards such as debit and credit. To add a payment method, shop owners need to log in to their Google Ads account, then select “Tools & Settings” and continue to select “Billing settings”.
Enter the required personal information and choose the payment method that suits you. Agree to the Google Ads terms and conditions to complete payment setup.

Step 3: Choose keywords

Shop owners need to select a list of keywords that potential customers can use to search for the shop’s products or services. This helps ads display accurately and reach the right customers.

Step 4: Set up an investment budget

  • After selecting the keyword list, the shop owner needs to set a budget for the advertising campaign. There are two ways to set a budget:
  • Google will calculate and recommend an average amount you should spend each day on your advertising campaign. You can choose one of these suggestions.
  • Shop owners can set their daily payment amount according to their wishes and business needs.
  • Note that Google will charge you based on the number of visits to the ad you set up. If the daily limit is exceeded, the ad will not be displayed again until the next day.

Step 5: Place ads in appropriate locations

Shop owners need to determine the geographical location where the ad will be displayed. This ensures that ads are only shown to customers within the geographic area where the shop may offer the product or service. You can set the location according to a radius around the shop’s address or select specific locations if the shop has many points of sale.

Step 6: Write an advertisement

Finally, shop owners need to write effective Google Ads ads that include:

  • 3 titles with a maximum length of 30 characters each.
  • 2 descriptions of up to 90 characters each.
  • The total length of the ad cannot exceed 270 characters.

Writing an advertisement needs to be concise, clear, and valuable about the product to attract customers’ attention. Use primary keyword phrases appropriately to improve advertising effectiveness and encourage customer engagement.

With the above steps, shop owners can effectively run ads on Google Ads, helping to increase sales and enhance brand recognition for their shop.

How to attract customers on Google Ads?

Optimize advertising campaigns to attract customers on Google

Besides learning how to run ads on Google Ads yourself, shop owners should grasp some experience to help achieve the desired results. Here are some useful tips to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaign:

Take advantage of Google remarketing campaigns

When customers first approach a product through Google Ads advertising, they will often consider prices and incentives between many parties, without a strong purchase intention. In this case, shop owners should use a remarketing campaign to continue reaching customers over and over again. In this way, the shop can maintain its presence in the minds of customers and increase the chances of converting orders. Remarketing helps your shop’s ads reappear to customers who have visited the website, reminding them about products or services they were previously interested in.

Use proper keyword matching

Keyword matching is a basic trick to running effective Google Ads ads. Using appropriate keyword matching helps shops properly target customer needs, thereby providing more suitable products. Google Ads provides 4 keyword match types for shop owners to choose from:

  • Exact Match: Ads only display when the keyword the user searches for exactly matches the shop’s keyword.
  • Phrase Match: Ads display when the keyword the user searches for contains the shop’s keyword phrase.
  • Broad Match Modifier: Ads display when the keyword a user searches for contains the modified keywords the shop has selected.
  • Broad Match: Ads can appear when the user’s search keyword is related to the shop’s keyword, although an exact match is not required.

Filter and select quality keywords

Finding and using high-converting keywords will help your shop reach customers more effectively. These keywords typically have a lower cost-per-click (CPC) and higher conversions than popular but non-targeted keywords. When choosing keywords for Google Ads advertising, shop owners should choose words such as:

  • “Buy [product] + [geographic location]”
  • “Where should I buy [product]”
  • “Should I buy [product]?”
  • “[Product] discount/discount code [product]”
  • “How much does [product] cost?”

Add a negative keyword list

When using negative keywords, the shop’s ads will not appear if users search for that word. This method helps shops limit non-target customers from clicking on ads, thereby saving costs of running Google Ads ads. After a period of running the campaign, shop owners should check the “Search terms” section that Google provides. From there, shop owners can put non-converting words into the list of “negative keywords”. The steps are as follows:

  • Select Campaign.
  • Select Ad groups.
  • Select Keywords.
  • Select Search Terms.
  • Add unwanted words to the negative keyword list.

By applying the above experience, shop owners can optimize Google Ads advertising campaigns, reach the right target customers, and increase order conversion efficiency.

In the article above, we have listed for you the detailed content in the most accurate way. We hope that the information we have shared can help you learn things to prepare before running Google ads and follow these tips to successfully optimize your advertising campaign on this platform. In addition, there are other related articles such as how to check keywords on Google Adwords.

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The Google Ads switchboard is a professional customer support service provided by Google to help users answer questions and handle issues related to online advertising on the Google Ads platform. Through the call center, users can receive direct support from Google experts on setting up campaigns, optimizing ads, managing budgets, and handling technical problems. This service helps shop owners and businesses improve advertising effectiveness, reach the right target customers, and increase revenue effectively.

Google Ads expert mode?

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