Review Jetpack 2020, the versatile plugin to help optimize the website

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is an Automatic WordPress plugin that is a collection of small plugins to meet the needs of web developers. Jetpack brings convenience when you only need to install a single plugin but possesses the functionality of many plugins. Let’s find out more about Jetpack’s functions with StartWp!

What is Jetpack? Jetpack is a collection of many small plugins for making website applications
Jetpack is a collection of many small plugins for making website applications
Besides, Jetpack also allows you to freely choose the features you want to use. So, you can easily turn off unnecessary functions to improve website speed.

Functions of Jetpack

Jetpack has many functions that come from the variety of plugins

As mentioned in the previous section, Jetpack is a collection of plugins, so its number of features is quite large. However, you will certainly not need to use them all, so just take a look and we will highlight only the functions that are really necessary. Specifically, this plugin will split into Tabs for the manager to easily customize.


The Writing tab is used to manage editing functions. When using, you just need to start the toolbar and turn on and off spell checking. Inside the Writing tab, there will be image management functions such as image acceleration, full-screen display, and gallery creation.

In addition, this tab also has other features such as adding real functions, organizing categories, optimizing the website interface for mobile devices by displaying snippets on the homepage and posting by your email.


Sharing tab works to combine sharing functions on social networks, add a share button or a Like button to a post


This tab allows readers to comment on social media accounts, automatically connect Gravatar, enable subscription notification and email comment.


The Traffic tab is a place that provides search engine visibility options, allowing you to attach relevant content to your posts to increase conversions. With the help of Traffic, a sitemap is automatically sent to search engines for indexing, verifying your ownership.


The Security tab helps to control website attacks, prevent suspicious logins and allows users to log in with a account.

Jetpack plugin modules

Jetpack is integrated with many versatile modules

Jetpack has a large module salary and is constantly updating to improve website management on the WordPress platform. Below is a list of some popular modules that you should know about.

  • The Jetpack Plugin Modules support social networks
  • The Jetpack Plugin Modules support Marketing and SEO
  • The JetPack Plugin Module supports post editing
  • The Jetpack Plugin module supports website display settings
  • The Jetpack Plugin Modules help to adjust website images
  • Some Jetpack Plugin Modules help in setting up other websites

Let StartWp find out details about each Module

What are the Jetpack Plugin Modules that support social networks?

  • Publicize: for websites that connect to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr…. Module will automatically share your post according to the list of social networks provided.
  • Comments: allows comments by social media accounts.
  • Sharing: create a button to share articles on social networks.
  • Contact Form: insert the contact frame into your website.
    me Shortlinks: feature ​​shorten link creation for all posts and pages for easier sharing on social networks.

What are Jetpack Plugin Modules for Marketing and SEO?

  • Site Stats: helps you to statistics the traffic to your website without going to Analytic.
  • Google Analytics: integrates Google Analytics into the website, allows conversion tracking on WooCommerce and e-commerce plugins, paid feature from Professional package upwards. See more about WooCommerce functionality in the article: “What is WooCommerce?”
  • Ads: insert ads into your website (similar to Google AdSense ads). Paid feature from Premium plan and up.
  • SEO Tools: Similar to Yoast SEO and also a paid feature from Premium plan upwards. You can learn more about Yoast SEO in the article: “What is Yoast SEO?”.
  • VideoPress: save your video on’s server system, increase loading speed and save resources for the host. Paid features are available for Premium and above plans.
  • Sitemaps: create XML sitemaps for website.

What are the JetPack Plugin Modules for editing posts?

  • Post by email: post articles on the website by email.
  • Likes: add the Like button to the post.
  • Comment Likes: allows users to like good, useful comments.
  • Spelling and Grammar: check spelling and grammar with After the Deadline Proofreading service.
  • Shortcode Embeds: Feature embedding YouTube videos and many other resources into the website.
  • Enhanced Distribution: share your posts and comments to firehose in real time.
  • Custom content types: integrate post types like portfolios, testimonials, simple food menus, comics.
  • Related posts: shows relevant content under posts.
  • Markdown: markdown feature in post editor.
  • Beautiful Math: show math formulas with LaTeX.

What is the Jetpack Plugin module that supports website display settings?

  • Notifications: Support to monitor and manage website activity by toolbar newspaper, WordPress app and
  • Subscriptions: Subscriptions feature for readers to receive notifications of new articles.
  • Extra Sidebar Widgets: add useful widgets for the website, to customize you go to Appearance => Widgets.
  • Widget Visibility: Controls the appearance of widgets on the website.
  • Custom CSS: custom, add CSS to the website’s interface similar to Additional CSS in the Customizer.
  • Mobile Theme: create a theme for mobile devices, suitable for websites that do not support responsive
  • Monitor: monitor website and send email notification when downtime phenomenon.
    com Toolbar: displays the toolbar of instead of the default Admin Bar.
  • Progressive Web Apps: progressive web apps integration for website.
  • Infinite Scroll: loads articles when readers drag down the slider, used instead of pagination.
  • Gravatar Hovercards: pop-up display with additional information when hovering over Gravatar.

The Jetpack Plugin Modules help to adjust website images

  • Carousel: support full screen image viewing.
  • Tiled Galleries: creates a mosaic (tiled) collection for your photo album.
  • Photon: helps speed up image loading by CDN system on
  • Lazy Images: lazy load feature for images, readers drag to the top of the loaded image.

Some Jetpack Plugin Modules help in setting up other websites

  • Data Backups (VaultPress): backup data and scan for malicious code for the website. Paid features for Personal and above plans.
  • Search: add a search box, which is a paid feature for Professional or higher plans.
  • Single Sign On: support logging in with a Jetpack linked account.
  • JSON API: helps applications access content through the cloud more secure.
  • Site verification: insert code to verify website ownership with Google Webmaster Tools…
  • Protect: protect against brute force attacks for login pages and XML-RPC.

Advantages and disadvantages of Jetpack

Jetpack has both advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages of Jetpack?

  • Possessing many essential features for WordPress websites such as SEO, administration, interface editing …
  • Includes a variety of free and paid plugins to meet different usage needs.
  • Being regularly updated by the people in charge of, compatibility with is very high.

What are the downsides of Jetpack?

  • Is the integration of too many plugins leading to a simplified user interface.
  • Due to so many features, Jetpack becomes more burdensome if unnecessary functions are not omitted.

How to install the Jetpack plugin

Installing Jetpack into WordPress is incredibly simple

Before proceeding to install the Jetpack plugin you need to open the block for XML-RPC. Because Jetpack needs XML-RPC to function and Protect module will help protect this vulnerability of WordPress.

At the admin page of choose Plugins => Add New, fill in Jetpack to find Plugin.

After installing and activating Jetpack, you need to connect the plugin to your account. And click the Start with free button to use it for free or to choose from a premium plan.

You can start using Jetpack for a fee of “0 VND”

After connecting, see Jetpack modules at: Replace with your domain name.

Some modules need to be enabled and configured, to activate you click on the Activate button, to set up configuration select Configure. Sometimes the setup of Jetpack will affect the remaining Plugins on the current website. If you are using Managed WordPress Hosting (a hosting package with WordPress administration), you should contact the technician of the provider. They will advise whether it conflicts with the available Plugins. Good luck!

Above are the information and instructions on how to install the Jetpack for WordPress plugin. This is a multi-feature plugin, easy to use and suitable for first time visitors to WordPress source code. Hope that the above knowledge will be useful for you, if you have difficulty during the installation and use, please leave a comment for support.

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