Top 8 best marketing effectiveness measurement tool 2024

To deploy a successful marketing campaign, tracking and measurement are essential. Through the results obtained, marketers will have a comprehensive view of the level of success of the implemented marketing campaign. How to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign quickly and accurately? In today’s article, Optimal Agency will suggest the best marketing effectiveness measurement tools today!

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What is measuring marketing effectiveness?

It is the process by which businesses adjust and improve the process of promoting products, services, and brands. Based on the results obtained from Marketing campaigns or KPI indicators, you can identify effective and ineffective factors. Thanks to that, you can adjust and redistribute your budget accordingly to achieve the best results.

The importance of measuring marketing effectiveness

The importance of measuring marketing effectiveness

By using marketing effectiveness measurement tool, businesses can evaluate marketing activities to ensure strategies bring value to the business. Through measurement, marketers can know which activities are effective and which activities need to be improved to optimize marketing strategies.

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns helps businesses accurately evaluate the impacts of marketing activities. Specifically, determine which advertising channels or methods effectively optimize the campaign.

When measuring efficiency, businesses can know which activities generate revenue and profits and which activities cause budget waste. Through this, companies can make appropriate adjustments to optimize marketing campaign costs.

Based on the data obtained from the process of measuring marketing effectiveness, businesses can make the right decisions. Thanks to collecting and analyzing data, businesses can know the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing strategy. From there, we provide an effective method to optimize the overall marketing strategy.

Important marketing effectiveness metrics

Through marketing effectiveness measurement tool, you can collect marketing KPIs as follows:


Traffic is the number of people who click on a marketing campaign on different platforms. The number of users accessing the website is a factor in evaluating marketing KPIs, especially unique visitors calculated by WAN IP. However, this number is only an estimate, so you need to track real user conversion behavior.

To better understand user behavior, you need to pay attention to many factors. How long did the customer stay on the site, what page did the customer use, and did they watch all the content or the entire video?

Page views

It represents the number of times a user requests to download any data file from a website on the Internet. Page views are then divided into two types: individual page views and full page views. This index is proportional to the number of ad views on the page.

Page bounce rate

It is understood as the number of users accessing the page and leaving the page immediately. This metric is applied in situations such as no interactions or clicks. Through the page bounce rate, you will know the percentage of visitors who stay on the page for a certain period.

User watch time

This is one of the indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. To know whether users read the information on your page or not, you rely on the time they stay on the page. If the average result is a few seconds, you should review the content on the page. You can use metrics or rebuild the overall functionality of your website to increase its appeal.

List of the most outstanding online marketing effectiveness measurement tool

List of the most outstanding online marketing effectiveness measurement tool

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of Google’s free web analytics tools used to track traffic. By using this tool, marketers can obtain data about visits, visit sources, frequency and duration of visits, user characteristics and behavior, etc. With this data, marketers can make the right decisions for their marketing strategy.

Through the tool, marketers can better understand user behavior and how marketing campaigns work. If you want to use this tool to measure marketing effectiveness, you need to set up an account and install a tracking code on the page. After a while, you will see the data in the Google Analytics report.

Google Search Console

Formerly Google Webmaster Tools is a free webmaster tool from Google. Website owners can monitor and control the website’s performance on Google search results. Through Google Search Console, administrators can see how Google collects data for indexing, technical issues, and how users find the website.

With this tool, marketers can evaluate website performance and improve website rankings on Google search results. Based on reports on keywords, average website position on SERP, page views from search, and search analysis. Similar to Google Analytics, to use this tool you need to set up an account and verify ownership with the website.

Social Mention

The tool for tracking user interactions on social networking sites is completely free. It allows you to search for posts, comments, and reviews of brands and products on social networks and the web. You can understand basic metrics like recommendations, positive and negative reviews, and more using this tool.

Popular social networking platforms supported on Social Mention are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest,… You will receive periodic reports via email and the latest information about your brand on social networks. Furthermore, this tool also helps marketers understand customer needs for products and services to adjust marketing strategies and optimize customer experience.

If you want to use the tool, you need to create an account and verify the information you want to track. Visit your Social Mention account admin and click the Reports tab to see a detailed report on your brand’s social media performance.


A versatile marketing effectiveness measurement tool with the ability to manage and schedule posts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,… Buffer allows you to create online posting schedules quickly, save time, and improve efficiency in managing social network accounts.

This useful tool helps marketers increase their business’s online presence on social networks. Thanks to maintaining a stable level of posted content and improving interactivity. At the same time, simplify the social network account management process and save time for important activities

The marketing effectiveness metrics that this tool provides include post views, click rates, interactions, etc. To use this tool effectively, you need to create an account and connect to other social media accounts to start viewing data.


With Socialbakers, you can monitor and manage activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Get tools to analyze your advertising campaigns and create reports on your business’s website and social media activity. Marketers can also research competitors with this tool. At the same time, manage content and schedule posts on social networking platforms.

Socialbakers has an intuitive interface and the ability to provide detailed and complete reports. Socialbakers is a great assistant for Digital Marketing experts, Marketing staff, and businesses who want to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and activities on social networks. The way to use Socialbakers is similar to Buffer.


Provides an overall view of the effectiveness of marketing strategies to help marketers track results across many different platforms. With the ability to divide dashboards into different visual groups. This will help you focus on the most important elements of your marketing campaign.

If you want to use Cyfe to measure the effectiveness of your Marketing campaign, create an email account and then connect to the website accounts, email, CRM, and other platforms you want to measure. Finally, create a dashboard and add the metrics to track.

Scoop. it

Similar to Buffer, this is an effective content management and analysis tool that helps track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on social media platforms. In particular, this tool is integrated with Google Analytics to optimize marketing strategies.

This tool provides many indicators to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns such as views, shares, likes, followers, etc. How to use this tool is very simple, create an account and then Add a feed from the platform you want to track and add metrics to view the report.


Marketing campaign measurement tools provide real-time data about user behavior on your website or app. Metrics you can view through Chartbeat: reach, impressions, page views, time on page,… Not only does it measure marketing effectiveness, but this tool also increases the ability to interact with customers row. Just like other tools, you need to connect data and add metrics to measure to be able to track the results of your marketing campaign.

With the marketing effectiveness measurement tool we have shared above, we hope you can choose the right tool. Thereby, you can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign to adjust the campaign to get the best results!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the marketing effectiveness metrics to pay attention to?

Marketing effectiveness metrics that need to be understood are indicators that measure the level of customer awareness of products, services, and brands. The index measures customer behavior when exposed to a business’s marketing activities: traffic, time on page, bounce rate, and conversions.

Indicators to measure conversion efficiency include lead cost, cost per order, and return on investment (ROI). There are also other related indicators such as customer lifetime value, customer ownership cost, and customer satisfaction rate.

What should you avoid when measuring marketing effectiveness?

In the process of measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, you need to be careful with indicators that are effective but do not bring results or have inconsistent goals for the campaign. Furthermore, you need to identify data sources to accurately measure marketing effectiveness and should not add too much data to the report.

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