Types of tiktok advertising accounts are popular today

Currently, TikTok Ads is attracting great attention from many people when they choose this platform to advertise products and brands. The potential of TikTok is undeniable, with many people having success implementing the advertising campaigns above. In this article, Optimal Agency will overview the types of TikTok advertising accounts that are commonly used today.

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Learn about types of TikTok advertising accounts

There are two types of TikTok advertising accounts that you can refer to specifically as follows:

Learn about types of TikTok advertising accounts

Personal advertising account (Self-serve)

Personal advertising accounts are self-service accounts for individuals, allowing you full control over and management of your advertising campaigns. From funding your ad account to creating campaigns and optimizing your ads, you can do it all yourself. Additionally, you must contact TikTok’s support team yourself to resolve your advertising-related issues.

Advantages of a TikTok personal advertising account:

  • Proactive management: You can proactively manage your budget, and goals and choose the advertising form that suits your needs.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Personal accounts give you more flexibility to optimize your campaigns and control the effectiveness of your ads.

Disadvantages of TikTok personal advertising accounts:

  • Easily disabled: Ad accounts are easily disabled, and withdrawals can be difficult if you don’t withdraw funds in time.
  • Requires high skills: Advertising campaigns with large budgets require high skills and experience to execute effectively.
  • Long review: The ad account review process can take a long time.
  • Self-setup: You have to set up everything yourself to run ads, which can be difficult for beginners.
  • Easily disapproved: Campaigns are susceptible to disapprovals, and you may not know how to specifically fix them if you run into problems.

Business advertising account (Agency)

Agency advertising accounts are a type of account authorized by TikTok for media and advertising companies to run ads for businesses and small shops. With this type of account, you will receive maximum support for all functions to run ads and enjoy incentives from the Agency. Agency accounts can be used in all markets where TikTok has opened. When cooperating with an Agency to run ads, the Agency will actively and professionally support all steps such as depositing money into the account, setting up campaigns, reporting statistics, optimizing ads, and limiting Problems that arise during the advertising process. If there are any problems, the Agency will contact TikTok to resolve them.

Advantages of Agency accounts:

  • Fewer technical problems: You will rarely encounter problems such as ads not taking money, not being able to deposit money into your account, or ads not being approved.
  • Comprehensive support: The agency will implement all stages of campaign setup and account management, and will have specialized technicians to support you throughout the advertising process.
  • Professional consulting: The agency is responsible for consulting you before running TikTok ads, helping you better understand the strategy and implementation.
  • Update priority: Agency accounts are whitelist accounts, given priority to update the latest information, features, and policies from TikTok.

Disadvantages of Agency accounts:

  • No flexibility: You will not have the flexibility to customize ads or proactively deploy campaigns. If you need to change ads or top up your budget, you must go through the Agency to do so.

In addition, you will have to pay a fee to the Agency to create an account to run ads. Regarding depositing your budget, you need to pay the Agency, and they will deposit the corresponding amount. Agency accounts are handled by TikTok’s Account Manager team, ensuring that you will receive the best support from TikTok.

Instructions for choosing an advertising account that suits your needs

Each type of advertising account will suit your different needs. For example, if you want to control advertising metrics and learn more along the way, choosing a personal account will be better than an Agency account. On the contrary, when you are busy and want to outsource your advertising work, an Agency account will be a more appropriate choice. Below are specific cases where you should use personal advertising accounts and Agency accounts. You can refer to this to make an appropriate decision:

Personal accounts are suitable for:

  • People with experience running ads on Facebook or another platform: If you are familiar with running ads on other platforms, using a personal account will make it easier to adjust and optimize. Promote campaigns on TikTok.
  • Low initial running budget (under $100): If you have a limited budget, a personal account will allow you to control and use your budget more effectively.
  • Want to run your own to learn and understand TikTok Ads: If you want to learn and run ads on TikTok yourself, a personal account will allow you to experience and accumulate knowledge.
  • Want to control and flexibly change budgets, targets, turn on/off campaigns, etc: Personal accounts allow you to have maximum flexibility in managing and adjusting advertising campaigns as you like.

Suitable audiences for business accounts:

  • Shop owners and business owners have little time and don’t have much knowledge about running ads: If you don’t have time or don’t have enough knowledge to run tiktok ads yourself, an Agency account will help you optimize your campaign.
  • People who want to outsource to reduce their workload: If you want to reduce your workload and focus on other important tasks, using an Agency account will help you manage your advertising effectively without direct participation.

You can choose any advertising account, but according to my advice, you should choose your account to start running and gradually learn. Many advertisers have commented that running TikTok Ads is sometimes easier than Facebook because it has fewer formats and the trend of running videos is very hot. Running your ads will help you grasp new trends and techniques, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Types of advertising on the TikToK platform

You can refer to the advertising types that Optimal shares below to make the most reasonable choice for your advertising campaign.

Types of advertising on the TikToK platform

The brand takes over the advertising format

Brand takeover TikTok ads are the type of ads that users will see first when opening the app. This type of advertising is sought after by many big brands, and to carry out this advertising requires working directly with TikTok. Normally, with this type of advertising, brands often try to create a “trend” with challenges that encourage users to participate and aim to increase brand awareness.

In-feed ads form

This is the most popular type of advertising and is chosen by many advertisers on TikTok. In-feed ads appear between videos in a user’s feed as they scroll through TikTok videos. In-feed ads are often divided into two main types:

  • Direct native ad: Used to increase views and interactions for videos, to build a brand on TikTok.
  • Direct diversion ad: Similar to conversion ads, after 5 – 9 seconds of the video, a navigation link will appear. You can redirect users to a landing page, website, or Fanpage depending on your goals.

The advantage of this type of advertising is that it is easy to implement. You can also run TikTok in-feed ads with a small budget and still reach a large number of users.

Branded Effect advertising format

Branded Effect advertising is a type of advertising that uses effects (filters) and stickers created by the brand itself to put in videos. This type of advertising is usually for brands with large advertising budgets. The advantage of this ad is that it will be displayed on hot or trending items. The purpose of this advertising is to help brands get closer to users, and customers or reach potential customers.

Hashtag challenge advertising format

Hashtag challenge advertising is a type of advertising that creates a trend with a certain topic and has a hashtag attached. When using this type of advertising, TikTok allows campaign introduction banners to appear in TikTok Discover. When clicking on the banner or hashtag, users will be taken to the brand’s homepage or the list of challenge participants.

In the article above, Optimal Agency has listed the most accurate and detailed content for you. We hope that the information we shared can help you understand the types of accounts and forms of advertising on TikTok and make suitable choices for your successful advertising campaign.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is the minimum TikTok ad?

TikTok advertising requires different minimum budgets depending on the type of ad account and campaign you want to launch. For self-serve advertising accounts, the minimum budget for a campaign is about 50 USD, and the minimum daily spend is about 20 USD. For Agency advertising accounts, budgets are typically higher and may require a larger initial investment, depending on the size and specific requirements of the campaign. Determining a minimum budget helps ensure your ad has enough potential to reach your target audience and achieve the desired effect.

TikTok advertising content

Advertising content on TikTok needs to be creative, attractive, and trend-appropriate to attract viewers. Advertising videos are usually short in length, about 15-60 seconds, to convey the message quickly and effectively. Content should include vibrant images, catchy sounds, and clear calls to action to stimulate engagement. To increase effectiveness, advertisers should use popular effects, music, and hashtags to make videos easily integrate into the TikTok community and reach more people. Advertising also needs to demonstrate the brand’s characteristics, creating a unique impression in the minds of viewers.

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