What is Campaign Manager 360 and its outstanding features?

To simplify the process of managing Google Ads campaigns, Google has launched the Campaign Manager 360 tool. This tool effectively supports advertisers and advertising agencies in managing and measuring advertising campaigns more easily. In this article, we will help you better understand what Campaign Manager 360 is and the benefits of using this tool.

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What is Campaign Manager 360?

What is Campaign Manager 360

Previously, Campaign Manager 360 was also known as Campaign Manager, and before that DoubleClick. This is the advertising measurement and management system Google provides to advertisers and agencies. This ad campaign management tool allows advertisers to create and optimize ad campaigns across websites and mobile apps.

With Campaign Manager 360, managing Google Ads campaigns becomes easier. From media planning to reporting, you can see the performance and results of your advertising campaigns on a powerful and easy-to-use platform. Based on this advertising data, you will know how to optimize your Google Ads campaign to achieve the best results. An ad server that provides advertisers with a centralized platform to store, manage, and serve their ads. Furthermore, the tool provides in-depth monitoring and analysis and automated 3rd party verification.
Multi-channel ad management capabilities help marketers leverage insights and optimize ad performance across all digital campaigns.

The process of managing all of the above Google Ads campaigns is simplified with Campaign Manager 360. Possessing flexible reporting features, you can use this tool to manage all activities and management data as well as quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign. You can access automated ad reports and evaluate how well your campaigns are performing across all channels.

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Key features of Campaign Manager 360

Google Ads Campaign Manager offers many features. By understanding the ins and outs of the platform, you can save time and money by focusing on the features that will deliver the best results for your advertising campaigns.

Focused tracking

The most used Floodlight tracking feature in Campaign Manager 360 helps advertisers create Pixels to track various types of target audience interactions: conversions, transactions, landing page visits,… These interactions are sent back to Campaign Manager 360 and attributed to each ad, placement, or campaign.
Google campaign management tools are used to track impressions and clicks on any URL. This allows advertisers to better track conversions when adding data from digital channels and create a single view of campaign performance.

Advertising management

This feature allows you to manage and run your ads in a way that better aligns your advertising campaigns with your overall business goals and tracks performance. Based on the campaign management process, you can create a campaign, choose ad placement, and start running ads. You can explore the different ad types available for your campaign and tailor them to suit your needs.

Attribution modeling

Powerful modeling tools in Campaign Manager 360 let you compare different attribution models. From there, attribute conversions to advertising campaigns more accurately based on how your business manages advertising. You need to learn about the role each specific channel plays in conversions and invest your advertising budget in the ads that bring the highest ROI.

Verify ads

This is one of the most important features of Campaign Manager 360. Because it prevents wasting budget on ads that no one sees or shows to irrelevant audiences.
Tracking and verifying advertising is essential to building trust, transparency and accountability for advertising spend. This feature gives advertisers the ability to verify selected ads and tags to ensure the ad campaign is showing to the right target audience. Going through Google’s verification process with spam filtering will detect fraud better.


This feature allows you to view data about ads managed through the platform and organize their performance data in the most useful way. You have many options to choose from and make your reports as simple or complex as you need.
The summary tab in the reporting feature is the best place to start. It gives you an overview of your campaign performance. Or visit the Report Builder to create custom reports.

Key features of Campaign Manager 360

Integrates with Google Marketing Platform

Campaign Manager 360 is just one platform in the vast Google Marketing Platform system. However, Campaign Manager 360 is most powerful when combined with other Google Marketing Platform products. Campaign Manager 360 then becomes the tracking, audience, and reporting hub.

Display & Video 360

Google Ads Manager is integrated with Display & Video 360 to simplify Google Ads campaign management. You get faster setup and seamless sync across platforms for a comprehensive view of your ads.

Analytics 360

By integrating with this tool you will get a complete picture of the customer journey. You will then have a better understanding of your customers and the ability to analyze Campaign Manager 360 data in Google Analytics. The benefits of this integration are:
A new set of reports in the Conversions section of Campaign Manager 360 that are similar to the Google Ads reports but include impressions, clicks, and both view-through and click-through session data.
The updated Conversions reports break down display ads managed by Campaign Manager 360 separately.
Impression clicks and impressions are integrated in the Omnichannel and Attribution reports.

Search Ads 360

Integrating Campaign Manager 360 with this tool allows you to see search advertising data right alongside Display and Ads data for a comprehensive view of your advertising campaigns.
You can track conversions on both the Display and Search Networks using the same tag. Because every Search Ads 360 advertiser and their linked Campaign Manager 360 account shares their settings, activity, and Floodlight tags.

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Benefits of using Google Campaign Manager 360

After understanding what Campaign Manager 360 is and the main features of this tool. Let’s explore the benefits that this Google advertising manager brings to businesses!

Benefits of using Google Campaign Manager 360

Unified campaign management, business management

With the strongest performance when combined with other Google Marketing Platform products such as: Display & Video 360, Analytics 360, and Search Ads 360. You can create and manage other Google Marketing Platform products with Campaign Manager 360. They can also be monitored and measured through Floodlight activities. This makes managing your multi-channel advertising campaigns easier.
There are different levels of control offered in Campaign Manager 360. Advertisers with a Campaign Manager 360 license will have the detailed campaign reporting and audience activation needed to improve performance, and increase ROI from advertising spend. With a unified platform, businesses save time and resources instead of having to switch between multiple tools.

Data-driven advertising

Integrating Google Campaign Manager 360 with Google Looker Studio gives you the ability to create data-driven ads. Your business can create personalized advertising at scale by integrating data into your display and creative ads. Campaign Manager 360 provides you with advertising data including impressions, clicks, conversions, and advertising costs,…
By creating dynamic, easy-to-understand dashboards that help you understand the health of your Google Ads campaigns and share them with your partners or teams. You can improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by performing A/B testing.

Advanced modeling and data-driven attribution

With all your advertising and reporting data consolidated in Campaign Manager 360, this is helpful when you’re ever having trouble distributing revenue across channels. Using Campaign Manager 360, you can allocate conversion credit to each channel and according to your business’s financial resources.
This helps improve advertising campaign performance and leverage advanced data models for more accurate attribution.

How to get access to Campaign Manager 360?

Google Ads Manager is often applied to businesses with large advertising spending. Businesses can access the platform in the following 2 ways:
Directly through Google: If your business has large enough advertising spend, it is eligible to buy the platform directly from Google. However, to ensure you use it correctly, you need to work with one of Google’s implementation partners.
Through an advertising agency: In the United States, some Google partners are authorized to sell Campaign Manager 360. When you buy the platform from a reseller, they hold the contract. These funds can be transferred later if your business is eligible to buy directly from Google.
With the content we have shared above, you have a better understanding of what Campaign Manager 360 is and the outstanding features of this tool. Hopefully, you have gained more useful knowledge to deploy and manage Google Ads campaigns effectively.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Campaign Manager 360 an ad server?

Campaign Manager 360 is a web-based advertising management system for advertisers and advertising agencies. This tool helps manage digital advertising campaigns across web and mobile devices. It has full features for ad delivery, targeting, verification, and reporting.

When should I use Campaign Manager 360?

Known as an effective advertising campaign management and optimization tool. Campaign Manager 360 is a great assistant for advertisers and advertising agencies. This tool is used to test targeting settings, reach out to real users, and analyze conversions, etc.

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