How to run high profits Dropshipping TikTok year 2024?

Not only a social media platform, but TikTok is also an effective promotion and customer outreach platform. Dropshipping Tiktok is a perfect choice for businesses looking to do online business with limited capital and concerns about risks. Dropshipping and TikTok create a unique form of business and advertising, bringing high profits to businesses. In this article, Optimal Agency will share how to do Dropshipping TikTok and optimize ads.

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What is Tiktok Dropshipping?

What is Tiktok Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a form of business that bypasses inventory, packaging and shipping. Sellers will focus on promoting products, selling, tracking orders and customer care. By choosing this business model, you have many product choices and do not need to waste time and money on building a warehouse, hiring packaging staff,…

When starting Dropshipping, besides Facebook, TikTok becomes the sales promotion platform to find potential customers and increase reach to the target audience.

Tiktok social network has grown strongly since 2016 with hundreds of millions of users globally. This has become a product advertising platform online businesses choose, especially in the Dropshipping field. Businesses can reach many potential customers, attract the attention of many users globally and promote products through short videos on Tiktok.

With TikTok Dropshipping, you will act as an advertiser and seller, bringing the supplier’s products to TikTok. If you have an order, you just need to contact the supplier to package the product and ship it to the customer. The difference is the income you get.

TikTok Dropshipping operation

There are many ways for businesses to increase Dropshipping sales, including running Tiktok ads. Before learning how to do TikTok Dropshipping, you should understand how TikTok dropshipping works:

First, you need to create a TikTok business account and then link it to the Dropshipping online store you created on sales platforms (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, Etsy,…) or e-commerce platforms.

Next, plan to promote and market your Dropshipping online store and the products you sell on TikTok. Including: running TikTok ads, collaborating with famous people (KOLs, KOCs, Influencers) or creating videos with useful, interesting and highly creative content.

Target customers who see your product advertised on TikTok will click on the online dropshipping store you created to see more information about the product and make a purchase. If the customer places an order, you will forward the customer’s information to the supplier with whom you have negotiated the price and shipping terms. The supplier will package the goods and ship them to the customer.

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Why you should do TikTok Dropshipping?

Deploying TikTok Dropshipping helps bring online businesses many benefits:

TikTok platform allows businesses to conduct market testing by tapping into current trends and customer preferences.

When running ads and marketing Dropshipping products, businesses can reach more target customers.

With millions of active users on TikTok, businesses can quickly increase customer brand awareness. At the same time, expand the reach to many target audiences on TikTok.

In addition, TikTok also helps businesses connect with target customers quickly through commenting and direct messaging features. Thereby promoting good relationships between businesses and target customers.

The cost of setting up an online Dropshipping store on TikTok and running ads is not too high. Businesses operating in the field of Dropshipping do not spend much money to deploy and develop their business activities.

Diverse ways to market when businesses can use TikTok to promote and develop their Dropshipping business. Besides, businesses can integrate the platform with Tiktok into a multi-platform Dropshipping marketing plan.

Ways to do effective TikTok Dropshipping

Ways to do effective TikTok Dropshipping

You should refer to the following methods when starting Dropshipping TikTok:

Run Tiktok ads

It is a form of marketing similar to Facebook Ads, but businesses operating in the field of Dropshipping will run ads on TikTok. You will need a TikTok business account to sign up and get started. By using Ads Manager, you can create campaigns with different types of ads based on goals, budget, audience,… Not only does it provide an ads platform, but it also provides reporting and management.

TikTok offers five main ad types for businesses including in-feed ads, brand takeovers, TopView, branded hashtag challenges, and brand effects. To set up an ads campaign, you need to log in to TikTok Ads Manager, then click the Create button to create a campaign. Afterward, select an ads goal. Finally, name the campaign and set the ads budget.

This type of ad is relatively easy to create and they can help your business increase its reach to target customers, increasing conversion rates. However, not every business can deploy successful and effective Tiktok Ads campaigns.

If your business wants to expand its reach and increase Dropshipping sales, you should rent a stable, high-trust Tiktok Agency account from Optimal with the best prices and many attractive offers.

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Collab with influencers

This is one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses and owners. If an influencer connects your business or product to their followers, this will significantly increase the number of people viewing your products and increase sales.

Content marketing

You can promote your products by creating your own business Tiktok account and posting useful, interesting and creative content. Make yourself an influencer on this platform. By consistently posting content related to your business’s niche and products, you will gain more followers.

To attract and retain customers, organize activities such as giveaways and contests. To create interaction and build good relationships with target customers. By doing this, you can do Tiktok Dropshipping marketing with a low budget.

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How to run high profits Tik Tok Dropshipping?

How to run high profits Tik Tok Dropshipping?

To start Dropshipping on TikTok, you need to create a TikTok account and complete the setup account. Next, you need to merge that account with Tiktok Ads Manager. Thereby you can better understand in-depth analytics including website traffic, the number of clicks on products,… Next, switch to your business account and start advertising your products on TikTok.

Create a Dropshipping store

If you want to sell any product on Tiktok, you also need to create a Dropshipping store. Then you need to choose a sales platform to set up an online store for Dropshipping. This will be a place to display products for Tiktok users – potential customers to access, search for products and make purchases.

Choose the suitable product

Market trends change frequently, so you need to constantly come up with product ideas. You can use product research methods: monitor the competition, analyze Tiktok ads, Google Trends and search for best-selling product suppliers or use the AutoDS product research tool. In addition, to discover the latest Tiktok trends, analyze Tiktok ads and hashtags. By checking what people post and advertise, learn from experiences to bring products to TikTok.

Choose a trusted Dropshipping supplier

After choosing a product to sell, you need to choose a source of quality and reputable products to add to your Dropshipping store. You can refer to the criteria for choosing a reliable Dropshipping supplier:

  • Has international warehouse
  • Fast shipping time.
  • Realistic, clear return, shipping and payment policies
  • Diverse product portfolio and affordable prices
  • Received many positive reviews and flexible payments
  • Using automation software,…

Import the best-selling products to your store

Once you choose a reputable supplier, import the best-selling products into your Dropshipping store. You can enter it manually or enter it automatically. For manual import, go to the supplier’s page and copy all the product descriptions and paste into your sales channel. With the automatic method, you can post a series of products. When automating the import process, the dropshipping tool will be responsible for transferring all product information between platforms.

Run TikTok Dropshipping product ads

After creating a Dropshipping store, you can start advertising your products on TikTok. Find ways to increase traffic to your Dropshipping store. You can promote your product by recording a video introducing product features, benefits, or testing the product and then posting it on TikTok.

Once your suggested video is trending, you can attract a large number of potential customers to click on your Dropshipping store link. Or you can also use paid advertising on TikTok to help your business’s products get more exposure. Viewers can easily visit your Dropshipping store to make purchases.

No matter how you promote Dropshipping products, you need to comply with Tiktok’s policies. Make sure the ad is short and natural but still needs to be creative and unique. Check out TikTok’s Campaign Optimization Checklist & Troubleshooting to find useful information about budget, bidding,…

Fulfill customer orders

Customers click on your TikTok Dropshipping store and place an order, you need to contact the supplier to place the order. Next, you need to provide details to customers about delivery and payment methods. This process you need to do carefully, and avoid mistakes to increase sales.

Communicate with customers

This is an indispensable job when doing Dropshipping business. After introducing the product on TikTok, you can interact with potential customers through comments and direct messages. In addition, you can open livestream conversations to directly connect with customers to build trust and show respect for them.

This is all the useful information to help you better understand the Tik tok Dropshipping. Besides, you might know how to deploy effective TikTok Dropshipping ads campaigns and develop business activities to increase sales.

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Frequently asked questions:

Should you run TIkTok Dropshipping?

It depends on each industry, financial resources and capabilities of each business. Some businesses will achieve success when running ads and selling on Facebook, but others will reap achievements on TikTok. You should conduct test ads campaigns on TikTok and then monitor and evaluate the effectiveness to get the most accurate answer.

What are the best Dropshipping products to sell and advertise on TikTok?

You need to discover and choose the best products to do business and advertise on TikTok. Here are some trending Tiktok Dropshipping products you can refer to: household appliances, repair tools, home decoration accessories, dog food, tents,…

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