Renting Facebook accounts to run diet ads

Similar to Oriental medicine, diet is also on the list of banned products from advertising on Facebook. Businesses and organizations that deal with these products and services may need to rent Facebook accounts to run diet ads. Follow the article to find out which is the highest trust agency to rent a Facebook account to run diet ads.

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Common issues while setting up a Facebook account to run diet ads

A new or non-optimized Facebook account to run diet ads may run into these issues:

Common issues while setting up a Facebook account to run diet ads
  • Identity Verification Request: If you meet this issue, you have to provide personal identification docs. This will prolong the account signing-up process. Besides, Facebook will checkpoint your account frequently while using it.
  • If Facebook believes that your personal or BM ads account for diet products violates its policies, your account may be temporarily suspended or permanently disabled. In such cases, you will not be able to engage in any related ad activities.
  • Ad Rejections: If your account runs into this issue, you need to review your ad content and make adjustments to comply with Facebook’s policies.
  • Insufficient Ad Resources: If you lack enough resources to run campaigns or register an account, you may need to deposit funds into your account or optimize your ad campaigns for better resource utilization.
  • High Ads Costs: A newly created Facebook account to run diet ads may not be optimized, leading to higher bidding costs for your ad campaigns. You should learn how to optimize your campaigns for reduce the cost.

Why should you rent a Facebook account to run diet ads?

Why should you rent a Facebook account to run diet ads?

The most cost-effective solution if you come across those above-mentioned issues is to rent a Facebook account to run policy-violating ads.

Instead of setting up a new account, renting a Facebook account to run diet ads will bring many benefits:

  • No worries about the account being locked: The rental accounts are carefully selected with high trust and a low rate of being suspended.
  • Run many campaigns: By using accounts from trust and professional agencies, you can run multiple ad campaigns and target various audience groups without worries. Just ensure that you comply with the rules and policies of Facebook and the lessor.
  • Immediate use and approval of campaigns due to optimized accounts. Besides, you can run campaigns with an unlimited budget.
  • When renting accounts from a trust agency, you receive guidance on creating compliant ad content for faster approval and optimizing ads for cost-effectiveness.

Who should rent a Facebook account to run diet ads?

Anyone can rent a Facebook account to run diet ads. Specifically, online shops or businesses selling diet pills that are advertising. They meet problems such as:

  • Setting up a dead or locked account to approve the campaign.
  • Wanting to push ads activities fast and strongly with a high budget.
  • Wanting a smooth ads campaign with stable bids.

If you want to develop diet pills that mainly focus on ads resources, you should rent an ads account.

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Where to rent a cost-effective Facebook account to run diet ads?

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New tips to run the correct target for ads account

Deeply research about the product

You need to understand the product fully regarding any field you are advertising for. About diet pills, you must study: the product’s features, target customers, ingredients, and uses,… You can only build ad content and target the correct customers and create campaigns.

Customers delineation

To effectively target Facebook customers for diet ads, you need to imagine and sketch a portrait of your customers. When it comes to diet products, consider the following factors:

  • The main customer group is women who have a need for beauty.
  • The age range is from 18 to 45 years old including both singles and those with families.
  • You need to analyze their hobbies, occupations, and how they shop, etc. In addition, you also need to pay attention to their ethnicity and religion when researching customers.

Also, you need to need to know how to collect customer information from websites, fan pages, or large groups with a theme of dieting. After you finish collecting, you should cross-check the information you collected with the customers’ delineation. This will help you accurately target the correct customer.

Setting up and targeting Facebook Ads

Setting up and targeting Facebook Ads

First, you need to find keywords related to diet products and set up your ads. Based on your product knowledge and research, select the most suitable keywords.

Next, target the Facebook Ads based on demographic factors: geographic location, age, interests, payment methods, etc.

Then, choose a method to distribute your ads to the audience who is likely to interact with the post. You should pay for real interactions, and if you accurately target the right audience, your ad conversion rate will be high.

All the analysis and research regarding the targeted audience for diet Facebook Ads can not be 100% accurate. Therefore, you need to test ad campaigns with a specific customer list and an appropriate budget to validate the accuracy of your targeting.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the banned products on Facebook besides diet pills?

Based on Facebook’s advertising policy, the products on the banned or restricted list include drugs, and functional foods. In addition, there are tonics, weight loss products, weapons, multi-level sales, etc.
When advertising these products and services, the advertising account is likely to be disabled. Therefore, when running ads, you need to read Facebook’s policies and terms carefully.

Issues while running diet ads

When creating ad content, avoid implying specific features about the readers.
In Facebook ad images, images of health scales or measuring tapes should not appear.
Facebook bans ads that imply before and after images of using a product or service, including both photos and videos.
Using images that focus on parts of the human body is also one of the things Facebook bans.
Exaggerating the benefits of your product to attract readers violates Facebook’s ad policies. Facebook believes that each person has a different physique and the effect of the product on each person is also different.
In addition, ad images should not shock viewers with violent, bloody, horrifying or uncomfortable content,… 
For health products, especially diet pills, the targeted audience needs to be over 18.
Using sexually explicit or provocative images, or showing more than 1/3 of the breast area in images or videos, is also against Facebook’s ads policies.

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