The most common Google Adwords Advertising forms

Besides advertising on Facebook, Google Ads is a method chosen by many businesses to reach their target customers. With various formats, Google Ads meets the needs of businesses in promoting products and services. Each type of ad has its advantages and display placements. Follow this article to find out the most common Google Adwords Advertising forms.

About Google Adwords Advertising forms

About Google Adwords Advertising forms

Google Ads is a paid online advertising service provided by Google. Businesses pay a certain fee to display their ads at the top of search results or on Google partner websites.

Google Ads helps increase website traffic, receive more phone calls, drive more store visits, or find customers suitable for the business’s products.

Besides, you can reach the right target audience at the right time when users click on the ad. You also can expand your reach to various customer segments by advertising on Google’s ecosystem, including YouTube, Blogger websites, and Google Display Network…

Google AdWords advertising formats allow you to deploy creative ads campaigns across multiple platforms, increasing reach to potential customers. It also supports brand promotion, product advertising, and brand awareness.

With various tools, Google Ads helps you track, analyze, and improve campaigns to reach more people. This enables your business to achieve all its business goals through ads campaigns.

By bidding for each click (CPC), advertisers are only charged when someone clicks on the ad. You can choose the budget daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure you do not exceed your budget. This is why Google is one of the most effective and cost-efficient advertising platforms.

The ability to collect and store customer data for remarketing campaigns on Google helps increase conversion rates and save advertising costs.

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Common Google Adwords Advertising forms

Common Google Adwords Advertising forms

This is currently the most popular advertising format, appearing on Google’s search tools. When users perform a search query, Google returns search results that may include or closely relate to the keywords in your ad.

Specifically, this type of ad is effective if the business has identified relevant keywords for its products or services. Selecting a list of keywords relevant to the campaign helps display ads to potential customers.

Further, there are a total of 7 display positions for search ads, including 4 top positions and 3 bottom positions on a Google search page. Google’s display positions remain fixed when users click on subsequent pages. The number of Google Search ad positions may be less than 7 (2-3 positions) depending on the industry, sector, and competition.

With responsive search advertising (RSA) technology, ads can reach customers with more relevant text and messages. Search ads focus on driving actions such as increasing ad clicks, phone calls to businesses,… This campaign will display ads to people actively searching for information about the business’s products and services.

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Google Display Network

This is active ads targeting customers in the form of images or videos. Google’s display network covers over 2 million websites, videos, apps, and Gmail, reaching over 90% of internet users.

It is one of the Google AdWords advertising formats that helps increase brand awareness. Google’s display network ads help expand the reach to the target audience by accessing users worldwide through 35 million websites and apps, as well as Google-owned products and services (YouTube and Gmail).

Display ad positions will help you reach users while they are using YouTube, Gmail, any web browser they prefer, or when using mobile devices and mobile apps.

Video Ads

This is one of the most widely used advertising formats with the ability to intelligently reach users, effectively increasing brand awareness. This type of ads is used to reach and increase brand recognition to increase interaction, video views, and promoting and introducing products and services.

Video ads seamlessly integrate into YouTube, appearing when users watch specific videos. Their unique advantage lies in creatively connecting businesses with potential customers. Leveraging targeting options such as topics, keywords, and demographics, businesses can launch video ad campaigns within minutes using a Google Ads account.

Common video ad formats on Google include:

  • Skippable In-Stream Ads is the type of ads that play before, during, and after a video. This ads can be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: similar to skippable in-stream ads but are 15 seconds long and cannot be skipped.
  • Bumper ads are short video ad formats that are 6 seconds or less in length and cannot be skipped by viewers. Businesses can reach customers on a large scale and increase brand awareness.
  • In-feed video ads: thumbnails consisting of a headline with 2 texts inviting people to click to watch. The video will be broadcast on YouTube’s Watch Page.
  • Trueview outstream Ads or Google outstream ads show on the websites and apps of Google video partners. This ad makes it easy for users to tap to play the video and increases brand awareness. By expanding your reach beyond Youtube at a low cost.
  • YouTube Masthead ads are ads that appear at the top of the YouTube homepage on TV devices, smartphones, PCs,… This ad format is suitable when you launch a new product or reach your target audience at scale in a short time.

Google Shopping Ads

This is one of the most favored Google AdWords advertising formats by many retail businesses. It can reach customers searching for products more effectively. This format displays information about the product, prices, and business details, helping target customers understand the product before clicking on the ad. This helps businesses attract high-quality potential customers.

Particularly, Google Shopping Ads can be displayed through three types of ads:

  • Product Shopping Ads: Created based on the product data you send to the Merchant Center.
  • Showcase Shopping Ads: Displaying related products by grouping them, allowing people to compare and make suitable choices.
  • Local Inventory Ads: Using data from the nearest store’s inventory data feed, aiming to attract users on Google’s display network and drive them to physical stores.

The advantage of this advertising format is the broader ad space, providing information about the product (image, product name, price,…) to attract potential customers and increase CTR and conversion rate. Multiple shopping ads can appear in a search. Sometimes shopping ads and text ads can also appear at the same time. Thereby increasing your reach to potential customers..

Google Shopping Ads can appear in these positions:

  • Shopping tab on Google Search (in certain countries),
  • Alongside search results on Google Search and Google Images,
  • On Google’s Search Partner websites, and Google’s Display Network (including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discover).

App Ads

This type of ad helps introduce and promote apps to users willing to pay for and install apps. App ads simplify the app promotion process on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and Google’s Display Network.

With this type of ad, advertisers can automatically set up campaigns by tuning content that users need: descriptions, language, budget, and the geographic location of the customer file.

Google App Ads helps businesses promote app installs and related actions, such as loading money, registering,… to increase revenue from downloads.

App ads may display on Google’s ecosystem:

  • Google Search Network: Your ad will match with relevant search terms related to the app or app category.
  • Google Play: App ads will appear in three forms: search results, related app listings on Google Play (“You might also like” and “Related to this app”), and the Google Play home page (“Recommended for you”).
  • App ads may also appear on YouTube in positions where users are likely to click on the ad and download or pre-register for the app.
  • Google Display Network: App Ads can be dislayed on Gmail and other apps, phone’s website (news, blog, other internet website).

What is the most effective Google Adwords advertising format?

What is the most effective Google Adwords advertising format?

Each Google AdWords advertising format has its effectiveness. The choice of the most suitable ad type depends on the industry, product, brand, and the business’s campaign goals. For different purposes, businesses can choose the suitable ad format:

  • Google Shopping Ads are popular for displaying product information and images directly on Google’s search page.
  • Video ads can increase the likelihood of reaching up to 90% of global internet users.
  • Display ads are effective for increasing brand awareness by appearing on various platforms and reaching users worldwide.
  • Search ads are suitable for businesses with clearly identified keywords for their products or services, targeting users actively searching for information on Google.

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Through detailed analysis from Optimal Agency experts, we hope you understand Google Adwords advertising forms. From there, you can choose the appropriate advertising type and deploy effective Google Ads campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most common Google Ads campaigns?

Google provides advertisers with various options for formats suitable for each type of advertising campaign. However, there are five main types of Google Ads campaigns, including:
Search Ads: Text-based ads that appear in Google search results.
Display Network Ads: Image and banner ads on various websites.
App Ads: Ads for app installations across Google’s ecosystem (Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and Google Display Network).
Video Ads on YouTube
Google Shopping Ads: Product listing ads on Google.

Do the Google Advertising formats cost the same?

The cost of running Google Ads campaigns depends on several factors: keywords, quality score, bidding strategy, landing page, and your website, all of which influence the bidding price. Each format, aimed at different business goals, has a different pricing structure.

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