How to change Fanpage URL link fastest 2024

Changing Facebook Fanpage Url makes the page you manage have a shorter access link. Moreover, a Fanpage URL that includes the brand name or business will make a strong impression on customers. Besides, it increases the professionalism of the Fanpage and helps users easily search for and access it faster. To learn how to change Fanpage URL link, follow this article by Optimal Agency now!

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Fanpage URL link is the link that leads to your Facebook Page. Usually, when a Fanpage is newly created, it has a unique link with random characters and numbers, which are very hard to remember. Changing the Fanpage URL link will make it easier for users to find and remember your page. A short, memorable URL will help drive traffic to the page.

If the Fanpage URL matches the brand name of the business, it will create a strong impression and increase brand recognition of target customers. Additionally, a friendly URL also supports optimizing the SEO of the Facebook Fanpage positively, helping to increase page traffic. Changing Fanpage URL link will enhance the professionalism of the Fanpage and increase goodwill toward customers.

Conditions for changing Facebook Fanpage URL link

You cannot always change Facebook Fanpage URL link because some Fanpages cannot be changed due to not meeting the conditions. The requirements you need to follow to change the Fanpage URL link are:

Have the administrator rights of the page

You need to have the administrator rights of the Fanpage to be able to change the Fanpage URL link. Other roles such as editor, advertiser,…, cannot perform the URL change.

Fanpage must be created for more than 7 days

The time to activate the feature to change the Facebook Fanpage URL link is at least 7 days. Therefore, if your Fanpage is created less than 7 days ago, even if it has many likes or follows, you still cannot change the URL.

The page must have at least 20 likes

Additionally, to change the Fanpage URL, you need to ensure that the Page has at least 20 likes. If not, you need to invite friends to like the page to meet the required number of likes before proceeding.

According to Facebook’s policy, when applying to change the Link URL of the Fanpage, you must comply with certain requirements:

  • The page’s URL must have at least 5 characters and not exceed 50 characters. This ensures the Fanpage URL link is concise and easy to remember.
  • Besides, the Fanpage URL cannot contain any extension dots like .com, .net, .vn, or similar types.
  • The Facebook page’s username does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters or dots. Usually, it can only contain letters and numbers (0-9) and (a-z).
  • The Fanpage Facebook URL cannot use any language prohibited by Facebook’s policy.
  • You can not use a Page URL similar to or identical to other pages. This means the Fanpage URL you change must be unique and distinctive.

If your Facebook Fanpage URL link cannot be changed, you should check these conditions because it’s very likely that the Fanpage URL has violated one of these conditions and thus cannot change the Fanpage URL.

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How to change Fanpage URL link?

Although Facebook does not limit the number of times you can change the Fanpage URL link, you should not change the URL frequently because Facebook may consider this action unusual and could lock the name change feature on the Page. To change Fanpage URL link, follow these steps:

Log in to your Facebook account and access the Pages section through the link: Next, select the Fanpage you want to change the URL for. Then, click on the Settings option in the left menu bar of the Page Management column.

Or, you can access the Fanpage, click on See More, and select the About section to edit the page’s information, including the username.

Next, select the Page Info section, and in the Edit Page Info section, change the Username, which is effectively changing your Fanpage’s URL. After entering the desired username that complies with the rules, click Save Changes to complete the process of changing the Fanpage URL link.

Open the Facebook app on your phone, click on the three horizontal lines icon, then select Pages. Next, choose the Fanpage you wish to change the URL name for and select Edit Page. Now, select the Page Title and press the current Username to change it.

Afterward, enter a new URL name and click on Create Username to complete the process. Now, if you access the Fanpage again, you will see the page URL in the form of the name you wanted.

When changing Fanpage URL link, you should note the following:

  • If you have recently created multiple Fanpages, some Pages might not be able to create or change the URL link.
  • If your Facebook page is not active, the Fanpage URL might be temporarily or permanently removed.
  • You may change the Fanpage URL a second time or more, but you must comply with the regulations, standards, and terms set forth by Facebook.

The article has guide you on How to change Fanpage URL link quickly, simply, and with 100% success. We hope this information will help build you a professional Facebook Fanpage with high traffic.

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Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I change the Facebook Fanpage URL?

If you meet this issue, it might be because your Fanpage is new and does not yet have 20 likes. Or the Fanpage you created is not yet a week old, or the URL/username of the Fanpage has been registered for use by another Fanpage. Additionally, the desired URL might contain characters that Facebook does not allow.

How many times can you change Facebook Fanpage URL?

Currently, Facebook does not specify the number of times you can change the name or the Fanpage URL. This means you can change the Fanpage URL multiple times; however, you should not change the username or URL frequently. This is because Facebook may consider your page’s activity unusual, and in many cases, the name change feature might be locked. Additionally, users can not find the old name if you have already used a new one.

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