Should you run Facebook or Google ads?

Online advertising has become an indispensable part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. Among them, Facebook and Google are the leading advertising platforms that can reach potential customers. So, should you run Facebook or Google ads for high efficiency? Optimal Agency will analyze Google and Facebook advertising in today’s article, follow now!

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What are the differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

What are the differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the leading social networking site with a large user base. It is also known as a paid advertising tool on Facebook to display products and services of businesses to target customers on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp. It can help businesses increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, and boost sales.

This type of advertising allows businesses to reach their target audience through their characteristics, behaviors, and preferences when they use social media. Facebook collects user data from the pages they like or the topics they are interested in. This information provides detailed insights to help advertisers target their audience more accurately.

Facebook’s distribution algorithm displays ads to the right target audience based on factors set in the ads campaign. The system conducts auctions for the position and timing of ad displays. The common pricing mechanism for Facebook ads is the amount a business has to pay per 1000 ad impressions.

Google Ads

Google is not only the most popular search engine in the world but also the largest paid advertising platform. Advertising on Google is based on target keywords and the text content of the ads.

Advertisers participate in an auction to determine the value of the keywords they want to advertise. When users search for these keywords on Google, their ads will appear on the search results page, alongside the natural results.

Google charges for ads each time a user clicks on an ad. Advertising on Google effectively is an optimal choice to increase website traffic and sales. The platform uses an algorithm to display ads on the search results page, partner websites, and locations determined based on the bid and the quality score of the ad. Moreover, Google continually updates its algorithms and introduces various advertising formats to more accurately capture the needs and desires of users.

So, should you run Facebook or Google ads? Continue following this article below.

Comparison between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Comparison between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Pros of Google Ads

Large customer base

Every day, Google processes millions of web search queries. Google’s algorithm becomes smarter with proprietary machine learning technology and AI support. Most search queries on Google come from users looking for information about a product or service.

If businesses can leverage this to run ads on Google, they can reach a large potential customer base, increasing conversion rates and optimizing costs more effectively.

Focus on the quality and relevance of ads

Unlike Facebook ads where bidding higher in the auction may give you more chances to be displayed, with Google Ads, the bid is just one of the minor factors determining whether your ad will be displayed or not. It also depends on the quality and relevance of the ad to the target audience.

The quality and relevance of the ad will determine the ad’s ranking on the search engine results page and the cost. However, some industry keywords with high competition levels will be more expensive. Important metrics for Google in assessing the quality and relevance of an ad include click-through rate, estimated conversion rate,…

Diverse types of ads

Google offers many features, tools, and various ad formats to help advertisers deploy campaigns to promote products, services, and attract a large number of potential customers. Notable features supported by Google for advertisers include sitelink extensions, webpage links, calls, target location targeting,…

Attracting quality traffic

Google Ads is an excellent channel for increasing quality traffic to the landing page. However, this traffic must be relevant and aligned with the advertising goals for the campaign to be highly effective in increasing conversions and sales. Common metrics to measure website traffic quality include keywords, quality score, click-through rate, conversion rate,…

High conversion rates

Most users performing search queries on Google are already interested in a particular product or service and are seeking information. If businesses can make their ads appear on the first page of search results, the likelihood of users clicking to view information about the product or service is very high, which helps increase conversion rates significantly.

Pros of Facebook Ads

Detailed audience targeting

Facebook users not only socialize, chat, and make friends on this social networking platform. Also, they regularly interact and follow content that matches their interests. Facebook collects this data and offers targeting options that help advertisers reach the right target audience based on their behaviors, interests, and demographic factors.

Engaging ads

Facebook ad designs are very visual and engaging with images, videos, text, and various other types of content. This helps attract customer attention to Facebook ads and stimulates them to click on the ad to view more.

Moreover, Facebook continuously experiments and updates new features and forms of advertising. Advertisers are free to experiment and try all advertising methods to achieve the best results.

High ROI

In addition to the tools Facebook provides, create vivid and attractive ads. Facebook Ads are one of the most effective and cost-effective ads with a high return on investment on Facebook advertising costs (ROI). Advertising campaign budgets may vary. However, the impressive ROI rate will be an attractive factor for businesses to choose Facebook Ads instead of Google Ads.

Should you run Facebook or Google ads?

Should you run Facebook or Google ads?

From the analysis above, it’s clear that both platforms are powerful and cater to businesses. When evaluating the strengths and potential of each platform, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are considered to complement and support each other. The decision to choose Google or Facebook ads will depend on your goals, budget, and strategy.

Each business type will be suited to different advertising forms. This difference comes from the product and target customers. This explains why one form of advertising may be effective for one business but not for another.

Both platforms are suitable for goals such as attracting potential customers, increasing conversions, and customer care. If you need to increase brand awareness, then use Facebook. When you want to attract more potential customers and increase the conversion rate, Google Ads will be more effective.

For new businesses with clear goals of developing a customer base, attracting customers to increase sales, and enhancing brand reputation, Google Ads is the optimal choice for better profits. If your business wants to focus on building a brand and attracting new customers, then Facebook Ads is a better choice.

Additionally, if your business sells products or services directly to consumers or smaller value items like souvenirs, handmade gifts,…, and you want to increase your awareness, Facebook Ads is the best choice. It provides comprehensive product and service information and accelerates the purchasing process.

On the other hand, Google Ads is more suitable for businesses that promote seasonal products or services, or those with high competitiveness. Or for high-value products like real estate, furniture, cars,…, because customers will need time to consider and visit the business’s website for detailed information before making a purchase.

Now, you should have your answer to the question: “Should you run Facebook or Google ads?”. Hopefully, you will make the right choice to enhance your business’s online presence, increase engagement, and achieve a higher conversion rate.

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Frequently asked questions

Which products should advertise on Google?

For seasonal products and services (warm clothing, home repairs, electrical appliances, holiday or festive products,…), because there are specific times of the year when the demand for these items suddenly spikes, you should use Google Ads to increase your reach to the target customers.
Products and services in highly competitive markets such as real estate, furniture, cosmetics,…, should utilize every channel to reach their customers. To establish a foothold in marketing these products, investing significantly in Google Ads is also essential.
For expensive products that require a substantial financial outlay, customers need more time to weigh their options and often visit websites to gather detailed information before making a purchase, making Google Ads a necessary strategy.

Which advertising platform is more effective, Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Both advertising platforms are effective and widely used. The level of effectiveness depends on the product or service you are marketing. Depending on your business sector, advertising goals, and target audience, you should choose the most suitable advertising channel. In some cases, combining both Google and Facebook ads can enhance effectiveness.

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